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Edo State Oil and
Gas Producing LGA

EDSOGPADEC was established as an Interventionist Agency in the areas of Infrastructural and Human Capital Development in Oil and Gas-producing areas of Edo State.
Over the years, the exploration of Oil has been without the corresponding development of Oil and Gas Producing Areas hence, the now seeming unending Niger Delta Crisis. Hence, EDSOPADEC was formed to avoid such in the state.
As a pivotal player in the energy industry, we strive to optimize the extraction, processing, and distribution of oil and gas resources while ensuring environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Functions Of EDSOPADEC







Our core functions include:

Our Vision

We envision a future where Edo State’s oil and gas sector catalyzes holistic development, empowering local communities, and contributing significantly to the nation’s energy security and economic growth.
Equitable distribution of resources in Edo state Oil and Gas Producing Local Government Areas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to responsibly harness the abundant oil and gas reserves within our jurisdiction to drive economic prosperity, social progress, and environmental sustainability for the benefit of current and future generations.
Also, the Provision of Infrastructural facilities and Socio-Economic empowerment to transform our rural economy.


We are committed to investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the efficient and safe operations of the oil and gas industry, including pipelines, refineries, storage facilities, and transportation networks.


Through educational programs, community outreach, and information dissemination, we strive to enhance public awareness and understanding of the oil and gas sector, its opportunities, challenges, and the importance of sustainable practices.

Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Omobayo Marvellous Godwins

Deputy Governor, Edo State

Pastor Kennedy Osifo

Chairman, Edsogpadec

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