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Welcome to the Edo State Oil and Gas Producing Area Development Commission (EDSOGPADEC). Our commission is dedicated to driving sustainable development and empowering communities within Edo State’s oil and gas producing areas. Below are the key functions we perform to achieve our mission:

Community Development

The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for conducting independent and objective assessments of the Commission’s operations, processes, and controls to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with policies and regulations. This unit helps identify areas for improvement and mitigate risks.

Socio-Economic Empowerment

We empower residents of oil and gas producing communities through skills acquisition, training programs, and entrepreneurship initiatives. By providing access to education, vocational training, and support services, we aim to enhance economic opportunities and reduce poverty in the region.

Environmental Protection

EDSOGPADEC is committed to promoting environmental sustainability in the oil and gas producing areas. We implement measures to mitigate the environmental impact of oil and gas operations, protect natural habitats, and promote sustainable practices in resource extraction and utilization.

Infrastructure Development

One of our primary functions is to invest in critical infrastructure to support the socio-economic development of oil and gas producing communities. This includes the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, healthcare facilities, schools, water supply systems, and electricity infrastructure.

Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

We facilitate dialogue, mediation, and conflict resolution mechanisms to address disputes and promote peace, stability, and social cohesion in oil and gas producing areas. By fostering understanding and consensus among stakeholders, we create a conducive environment for development and investment.

Advocacy and Policy Engagement

EDSOGPADEC advocates for the rights and interests of oil and gas producing communities at the state and national levels. We engage with policymakers, government agencies, industry stakeholders, and civil society organizations to advocate for policies, laws, and regulations that promote the welfare and development of the region.

Monitoring and Evaluation

To ensure the effectiveness and impact of our initiatives, EDSOGAPDEC conducts regular monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs. This includes assessing progress, identifying challenges, collecting feedback from stakeholders, and making necessary adjustments to improve outcomes and maximize benefits.